Commonwealth Coach, Connector, Cheerleader OR Challenger?

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A mentor is a role model who shares knowledge and advice to help employees grow professionally. It is a person who provides guidance to a less experienced individual. A mentor can be your immediate supervisor, manager, CEO, CFO, COO within the organisation; it can be an entrepreneur, your parents, friend, spouse and even a TV personality. It is that person who impacts your life and career in a positive way.

It is no secret that Women in particular face adverse barriers when it comes to advancing their careers, leaving some women isolated with their ambition and unable to climb the organisational ladder. Many women need role models; they need to be stretched outside their comfort zone, to open their minds to greater thinking, instead of staying in a corner with their wings wet unable to fly to greater heights. Women need to know that they have the ability to be successful in every part of their lives provided one is determined and ambitious enough. Excelling in one’s work and career requires perseverance and a mentor to guide along the path. A mentor can be the difference between getting ahead in your career and staying put. Those bottled up with great ideas will be able to find the courage and confidence they need by way of mentorship programs.

Mentorship is key to developing women for leadership roles. Having a mentor can sustain ones ambition and help women realise their ability to be more than they thought they could be. It’s also a way of getting networking system for women and nurturing the talent within. Regular participation in mentorship programs can be extremely empowering for women and improve self-confidence because such programs offer teaching, support and guidance.

Women need to start taking advantage of the fellow women in leadership roles in our Company as they are highly important in our own professional development; seek out a mentor for yourself, do not wait for one to be assigned to you, mentors have a tremendous positive impact on employees,’ mentor-mentee’ relationships promote collaboration and creativity in the Company as well as ensuring women have a successful career, improved job satisfaction, commitment to the Company, and ultimately develop a stronger sense of self-worth that benefits women.

Below are the types of mentors that will set you on the right path to achieve success in your career and life.

Coach – just as a football team has a coach who passes knowledge and skills to the players and guides them to victory, so will be the purpose of this coach in your life. You can find someone older and wiser, someone familiar with your job industry to be able to help you solve work related problems.

Connector– this is a very important type of mentor, this is one who has a large network of contacts, able to mobilise people and resources to get things done. Now this mentor, everybody needs one!

Cheerleader– Who doesn’t love been cheered? A cheerleader will play a role in lifting up your spirit when you are low, someone who will be genuinely happy for all your achievements. Remember, you do not need too many people like this, sometimes one lovely friend is just enough.

Challenger– some people call them critics, in mentorship we refer to them as challengers. This is the person who will say it like it is, tell you the things you don’t want to hear but rather helpful to your career, a challenger will offer constructive criticism to set you on the right path.

Contributed by: Rita Chifyanka


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