Commonwealth Youth Council launches the #IAmAble Photography Campaign.

Press Release: Commonwealth Youth Council launches the #IAmAble Photography Campaign.


On Wednesday, 1st of March had seen the launch of the Commonwealth Youth Council’s #IAmAble Photograph Campaign, alongside their key partner All-Nigeria United Nations Students and Youth Association (ANUNSA). The campaign will run from the 1st March to the 31st of August this year, in conjunction with celebrating the Commonwealth Youth Council’s 18 -month campaign, #IAmAble.

The Commonwealth Youth Council have decided to share the success stories of the plight of young persons with disabilities and their struggle for equal rights in the Commonwealth through the medium of photography. Photography is considered unarguably the most universal form of mass communication which that it can empower, challenge, magnify and inspire action for social change and cannot be undermined for influencing policy making and implementation. It is no doubt a veritable tool for raising awareness.

The campaign itself will be a ‘PHOTO-VOICE’ participatory one. A community-based approach to documentary photography, but focused on the success stories, basic needs and challenges facing persons with disabilities in the participant’s communities. The images will serve as a catalyst for change by showing the reality of the lives of persons with disabilities- the conditions in which they live, educate and work on a daily basis.

Upon the closure of entries, there will be exhibitions that will display the photographs of what the participants across the Commonwealth nations have undertaken within the time period and it will be in order to create an opening and process for social inclusion/integration.  There will be also a maximum effort into promoting and publicising the exhibitions and inviting policy makers, Non-government organisations and those who could affect and effect change; catalogues and photo-books, showcasing the photographs would also be printed and circulated to concerned bodies for policy formation and implementation.

Overall the Commonwealth Youth Council have laid out the following goals with the campaign;

  • Celebrate success stories.
  • Identify challenges.
  • Create awareness.
  • Trigger involvement and inclusion
  • Influence Decision making and Policy Implementation

Concluding, the campaign will bring to the fore better understanding of issues related to disability and mobilises support for the recognition of the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities, and of the benefits of their social and economic integration in the society.

Young persons with disabilities are people with potential that should be empowered, encouraged, promoted and supported to become economically independent, to create more jobs for both non-disabled and persons with disabilities, and above all play an active role in society.



Terms and Conditions.

  • ENTRY to the Campaign is FREE and is open to all citizens of the 52 Commonwealth Countries. Images submission is through Instagram by tagging “IAmAbleCampaign” account or send to “”, and the Images should contain ‘CAPTION’ and hashtags- #IAmAble, #CommonwealthYouthCouncil, #ANUNSA, #Country, #Location, #Date, #NameofPhotographer, e.t.c.
  • Each participant can submit as many times as he/she wishes, accompanied by the hashtags and captions required.
  • The entries will be ‘uploaded’ on the #IAmAbleCampaign page and shared on our various social media platforms.


For Further Information, contact us on

So what’s next? Get those cameras and start clicking.

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