Twitter Chat : Ending violence and abuse against women with disabilities


On Tuesday 14th March 2017 from 1.00pm to 2.00pm London Time, Include Me TOO and the Commonwealth Youth Council are hosting a Twitter Q&A with guests. The discussion aims to discuss and raise awareness of the issues we need to address to end violence and abuse against girls and women with disabilities from across the Commonwealth and around the globe.

We welcome everyone to take part in this discussion! We hope to provide a platform during the discussion to share experiences across the globe and discuss action needed to end abuse and we are keen to hear from disabled people and organisations.

Include Me TOO and the Commonwealth Youth Council joined together to deliver the ‘Commonwealth Include Me 2’ project to increase the participation, inclusion and rights of disabled young people globally.

We will be discussing:

  • The various abuses including harmful cultural practices, prevention, awareness raising and supporting the rights and dignity of girls and young women with disabilities.
  • How can we strengthen   Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Article 6: Women with Disabilities

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Article 16:  Freedom from Exploitation, Violence and Abuse

  • How can we strengthen and deliver on Sustainable Development Goal 5 for Girls and Women with Disabilities: Achieve Gender Equality and Empower all Women and Girls

How our Twitter Q&A will work

Be sure to follow @includemetoo and @Official_CYC on Twitter. All questions will be posted by the @IncludeMeTOO Twitter account.

Hashtags: We will be using two hashtags #CWIncludeMe2 #VAWG for this discussion. In each response copy in both @includemetoo and @Official_CYC

We will be tweeting eight questions over the hour, but please feel free to take your time answering these. All questions are available in advance below.

Format of Q&A

If you respond to a question such as Q1, your tweet should follow the format: “A1 [your message] #CWIncludeMe2  #VAWG

In this case, Q1 stands for Question #1 and A1 stands for Answer #1.

The hashtag will allow us to see your responses, and the number means we know which question you are answering. However, if you find it easier, feel free to quote retweet with your answer.

If you might be overwhelmed by the volume of tweets and only want to see the chat’s questions so you can respond to them, check @IncludeMeTOO account. Each question will tweeted about 7 minutes apart.

For an explanation of how to participate in a Twitter chat, please check out this useful example by Ruti Regan here.

Check out this captioned ASL explanation of how to participate in a chat by @behearddc by clicking here.

If you need any support during this discussion, or afterwards, please visit our guests Disabled Survivors Unite website page on Getting Support here.

If you think posts may be triggering for you, please ‘mute’ the #CWIncludeMe2 hashtag. This way you should not see the questions and answers. You can learn how to do this by clicking here.


Feel free to prepare your answers in advance, but please only post these once we have asked the questions on Tuesday 14th March 2017.

Q1:   Please introduce yourself however you feel comfortable and reason for joining. #CWIncludeMe2  #VAWG

Q2:   Why are girls and women with disabilities 3 times more likely to experience violence or abuse compared to non-disabled people? #CWIncludeMe2  #VAWG

Q3:   What are the various forms of abuse persons with disabilities are exposed to? #CWIncludeMe2  #VAWG

Q4:   What is your understanding of harmful traditional practices and the impact they have on persons with disabilities? #CWIncludeMe2  #VAWG

Q5:   What early intervention and prevention is needed to safeguard persons with disabilities from violence, abuse and harmful traditional practices. #CWIncludeMe2  #VAWG

Q6:   What action needs to be taken to eradicate beliefs, practices & stereotypes which legitimise violence and abuse against girls and women with disabilities? #CWIncludeMe2  #VAWG

Q7:   How can we strengthen and achieve SDG 5 for Girls & Women with Disabilities ensuring they are empowered to advocate for their rights, dignity and equality. #CWIncludeMe2  #VAWG

Q8:   What can be done to move from the rhetoric to real action of CRDP Article 16 to provide persons with disabilitiesFreedom from Exploitation, Violence and Abuse’#CWIncludeMe2  #VAWG

We hope you can participate in our first #CWIncludeMe2 Twitter discussion!

If you miss it, don’t worry! You’re free to answer the questions at any point!

We have tried to make this Q&A accessible a possible. However, can you think of anything that could make it more accessible? We welcome suggestions, please email these to us:

We want to say thank you to Disability Survivors Unite for their very helpful twitter discussion template they used during their #itsnotokay twitter chat. Do follow them at @DSUtweets


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