Sneak Peek: Commonwealth Linking Leads

The  Legacy Grant offers QYLs  an opportunity to implement a project that will benefit QYLs over a number of regions with the benefit of a grant and mentorship support. It fosters inter-regional collaboration between QYLs from different cohorts.

This year, Yaseen Edoo (QYL, 2015) and Kartik Sawhney and Angelique Pouponneau (QYLs 2016) came together and made a proposal for an online platform for the benefit of people with disabilities. The online platform will have three KEY features:

  1. With the objective of creating a more inclusive society, PWDs and non-disabled peers will now find the services and support organisations of different disabilities are their fingertips. With this ambitious idea will emerge a searchable vortex where anyone is seeking services such as sign language interpreter or braille reader, can easily have a contact list of these service in different Commonwealth countries. This is particularly useful for our roving QYLs who may be organising events in different countries and want to be as inclusive as possible so soon they will be able to search for the services they require easily.

    2. Sensitisation of what people with disabilities can contribute to the workplace is crucial for their economic empowerment as we break barriers and perceptions that exist within the minds of society and employers. This feature will profile employers who are “disability-friendly/confident” and their employees who have a disability. This will also provide a platform for PWDs to also know which employers are friendly to people with disabilities.

    3. Inspire – a wall of role models: In line with the objectives of removing barriers, a key feature will be a wall of role models where people can be inspired and moved by the achievements of PWDs and also serve as a good networking tool if people want to connect with PWDs and those working on different issues.

    We will soon be announcing which countries and disabilities will be selected for the first phase. If you would like to support this initiative, just drop us a message at




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