25 years old Beninois, Paterne Hessou, shares his poem: This ABLE with the Commonwealth.

Do not call me disabled regarding my physical or mental dis-abilities.

I may not be capable of moving my legs or arms the way I would wish.

I may not see or hear you when you speak.

I may not even be able to utter a word.

Or perhaps my brain is not quite functional

But this doesn’t define me.

Look around with a different eye.

Look through my soul and not my body.

Look through my mind and my deeds,

I think I am more than you think. I can be extraordinary.

I too can change the world like a healthy and full-body being.

Look at me in the eyes and tell me,

Do all those people changing the world need their arms and legs to do that?

I saw a blind lawyer, he was extremely good at defending people with the gift of eyesight’s interests.

Some people called him disabled. I wonder if they do know the meaning of being able.

I saw a man with no limbs who motivates the entire world.

If this is not being able, then what is it?

I met a deaf lady who writes very interesting fictional stories.

There was that nine years old boy suffering from dyslexia,

 But I was astonished by his talent at drawing.

One of my greatest professors at college is a one-armed-person.

Do I call this man a disabled? The man is a genius.

I or you may have one, two or even more Dis-abilities, but this doesn’t define who we really are.

‘’I believe there is a reason why something happens.’’Nick Vujicic once said.

Look at me more positively with the right perspective and see the power beyond my dis-ability.

Stop calling people with disabilities disabled. They can be as able as any other human being because we are all this able.

Copyright © 2017 Paterne Freeman H. Shadowriter All Rights Reserved.


One thought on “This ABLE

  1. Good one!
    Quite didactic piece, with a simple and precise diction, calling to home the message whereby society needs to embrace each and everyone, depending on first the fact that even disabled are humans and their appearance is not of their making, and embrace them as well for what they can contribute to the improvement of mankind and enhance a better world.


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