Human – yet she walks on three.

Puzzling to all who see

“She’s human- yet she walks on three”.

Well aware of her condition so rare,

She smiles, even though they stare.

I once looked at her in pity;

but pity was only unto me.

She struggles occasionally,

but don’t we all?

Disability does not mean inability

and once we are rid of all negativity

we will know

three legs does NOT define incapability!

Society has been tuned to think,

that because people look different

it means they are.

Well, such mentality won’t take you far.

She’s happy; she’s whole and she’s complete.

Negativity has since been crowned ‘obsolete’,

because low and behold – unbeknown to me;

Her statement has been and will always be:

“My disability does not define me


I’m awesome and I walk on three!”


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