Empowering through Assistive Technologies

A project by: Enable Lanka Foundation, Sri Lanka

In the evolution of approaches from a charity-based one to a right-based one concerning the process of addressing the issues of persons with disabilities, the omnipotent presence of charity-based initiatives have caused a lag in the sustainable development all over the world. Specially this trend is visible as highly prevalent in developing nations most of which are commonwealth member states. Enable Lanka foundation which is an organization pioneering to mainstream disability inclusion in Sri Lanka, has come up with an innovative solution for the upliftment of education and social independence with regard to the visually impaired persons who constitute a greater portion in terms of the entire realm of persons with disabilities.

The LISN revolution that has been being mobilized in several phases, strives to empower the visually impaired youth in Sri Lanka in a sustainable manner. The target groups of this initiative  consist of visually impaired undergraduates in four main universities in the country along with an organization of visually impaired teachers who could impart the knowledge about assistive technologies in particular, to the future generations.

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The mobile application called LISN which is again a Sri Lankan invention, makes the reading accessible for the visually impaired particularly in local languages by means of audio books. Enable Lanka foundation teamed up with the founders of this Application and Samsung Sri Lanka with the view to providing the visually impaired youth the knowledge and tools which make them independent by distributing hundred smart phones in which the said application and other assistive technologies installed. The first two phases of this event thus took place in two of the leading universities; namely the University of Colombo and University of Sri Jayewardenepura leading up the the International day of the persons with disabilities

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