Tree Planting Campaign

Regional Commissioner Mr Paul Makonda launched his Tree Planting Campaign on 1st October to support the signed agreement of the Paris COP21 on combating climate change to the nation.

Furahini Godlike, Julius Leonard and Lawrence Mnelamwana are energetic young people with huge ambition to change the community for better.  For the past five years they have set about connecting the community to the world and along the way they established programme to support Regional Commissioner National wide Tree planting Campaign to their old high school “Wailes Secondary School”.

This marks the beginning of the National wide Tree Planting Campaign across the country to enable the nation to effectively face environmental challenges. With less or no Trees, our survival is at stake but with more trees, we have nothing to lose but drought and hunger.

The Programme was commemorated with Keynote address from our Governmental Officials; Education officer of Temeke District Council and Tanzanian Officer Safety as the Special Guest invitee in supporting the National strategy of Tree Planting Campaign.















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