Providing Quality Education through Professional Development!

Past cricketer and the Antigua & Barbuda 2016 Queen’s Young Leader recipient Regis Burton believes in inspiring young people to reach their full potential thus in 2013, he founded Nolan Hue Inc. a non profit organization which focuses on the professional development of young people.
Recently they held their first Youth Empowerment Retreat in July 2016, take a peek of the interview below with Trevis Belle – a member of the Commonwealth Youth Council Caribbean & Americas Standing Committee.

Q: What is Nolan Hue?

A: The Nolan Hue Foundation is an organization that aims to create opportunities for people, particularly youth, to develop skills which will empower them to achieve their full professional potential. By creating these opportunities, Nolan Hue intends to ultimately raise the standard of discourse and thinking about what it means to be a professional in Antigua & Barbuda and by extent, the World.

Q: What is the Nolan Hue Youth Empowerment Retreat all about? 

A: The Nolan Hue Foundation’s Youth Empowerment Retreat (YER) is a three (3) day retreat designed to be an accelerated transformational learning experience that supports the development of our future leaders. It is aimed to inspire and challenge all attendees to be civically minded leaders in their communities.

The retreat hosted numerous interactive and engaging breakout sessions led by a select few dynamic speakers from Antigua and Jamaica (Mr. Andre Cleghorn- specially invited guest). Attendees were inspired to achieve their goals and empowered to write their own narrative of success.

In keeping with our mission and vision, Nolan Hue’s first Youth Empowerment Retreat (YER) was held under the theme, “The Future is Now”. This world-class experience for thirty-eight (38) young adults took place on July 15th – 17th 2016 at the Jolly beach Resort & Spa in Antigua. This retreat was at no cost to the thirty-eight (38) delegates.


Q: Who were the target audience and why did you see the need for it? 

A: YER’s target market was young adults between the ages of 16-25. The Nolan Hue Foundation saw a need for a Youth Empowerment Retreat because at present, professional and personal development opportunities for young adults are limited in Antigua and Barbuda. Therefore, we created YER for our nation’s young adults to increase such opportunities and in turn contribute to Antigua and Barbuda’s development and growth.


Q: How did you feel participants benefited from attending this YER? 

A: The retreat helped to cultivate attendees’ critical leadership skills and exposed them to the Nolan Hue concepts of ‘TEA’ (Team without the letter ‘m’). YER also exposed the delegates to stewardship, servant leadership, financial management and the career, just to name a few. Moreover, through this weekend-long engagement, participants also gained a sense of empowerment and formed healthy professional connections.

Q: What impact do you see a program of this caliber having on your country? 

A: Nolan Hue envisions a retreat such as YER to result in positive youth activities such as new businesses, new initiatives, community development and the reduction of high-risk behaviours. Through initiatives such as YER and our other events, Nolan Hue aims to empower and inspire young people of Antigua & Barbuda by showing them that through hard work, dedication, and relentless focus on their goals, they too can lead and positively impact our country and the world.

Q: Can those who missed out on this YER expect another opportunity? 
A: Potential delegates can expect another opportunity to participate in Nolan Hue’s YER in the summer of 2017. Interested persons should frequent our social media pages to receive updates on this and other Nolan Hue events. The Nolan Hue Foundation can be found on Facebook, Instagram and twitter via ‘Nolan Hue’.


Check out a recap of the Youth Empowerment Retreat here:

Also check them out on social media by searching Nolan Hue!




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