Sustainable Economic Empowerment of Girls and young women through mentorship

In commemoration of World Youth Day  2016 the lens have zoomed in on the empowerment of  Women and Young Girls in conformity with the post 2015- Agenda which deem women and young girls as critical agents and partners for the adoption and successful implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

UN Women in collaboration with  the  UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth development’s working group on Youth and Gender Equality carded a symposium on August 12th on ‘’Investing in Young Women’s Leadership’’ #LEAPsInGenderEqualiy|#Planet5050

 An investment in a young woman or girl is an investment in a society’s sustainable development.

Under the banner of a Mentorship Programme lies a cadre of female youth leaders across the Commonwealth who collectively constructed the initiative. The Mentorship Programme allows business and women leaders in general to mentor and empower young girls via various platforms.  They include the use of pen and paper for young girls without access to internet or email or post for cross-border mentorship relationship.

How will the mentorship programme lead to economic empowerment of women and young girls?

The Mentorship programme reaffirms the theme for International Youth Day. “Youth Eradicating Poverty and achieving Sustainability”. A thriving society is a product of gender equality and economically empowered young women and girls. The mentorship programme connects established business women to young women and girls inculcating the ingredients for success, fostering women’s leadership and active participation in societal processes. Bit by bit women globally are trotting unprecedented career paths, breaking the glass ceiling and disputing domesticated roles. No longer should ‘a woman’s place be in kitchen’ but the center of sustainable development. The mentorship programme seeks to economically empower young women to carry a business owner title, delve into entrepreneurship to eradicate full blown poverty and create enabling environments at all levels of sustainable development.

Do you want to support this initiative? Become a mentor and empower a generation!


Contributed by Amanda Scott

Sister initiative can be seen here:


One thought on “Sustainable Economic Empowerment of Girls and young women through mentorship

  1. Mentoring of girls i Africa requires a collaborative efforts of stake holders like parents, Government Agencies, NGOs and the community.


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