Meet Steve Lee: Marrying SDG12 and SDG13

With only three days to International Youth Day, Steve Lee, is our highlight as he will be speaking at the United Nations headquarters in New York on his work to promote  sustainable consumption and production. With the evident link between SDG13, climate action and SDG12, here is Steve Lee’s journey to promote sustainable consumption and production.

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Steve Lee is a 23-year-old climate change activist, a policy advocate to the United Nations, and a global speaker. He is the Executive Director of FES (Foundation for Environmental Stewardship) and Founder of PassionExplorer, empowering the final generation who can solve climate change. He is committed and passionate about SDG12 and he believes that Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) is one of the most important solutions to climate change. Without SCP, it is impossible to achieve SDG 1, 2, 3, 6, 11, 13, 14, 15, and 16. That’s more than half the SDGs. We must establish aggressive standard of SCP as a new global business and political culture to rethink how we grow and eat food.

Steve is personally trained by Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader, featured on news channels, blogs, and newspapers, and a University of Toronto graduate of Physiology and Human Biology.

An entrepreneur, Steve was the Partner of RevIT² Solutions, a market research consulting firm for private investment firms, and the CEO of Steve’s Guidebook, a publishing company for university-level calculus and biology study guides.

Steve has led and participated in a number of initiatives in order to advance SCP. He has been a prolific speaker and panelist to dozens of events, Steve has represented the Canadian youth on the issues of Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and Youth Empowerment at over a dozen international fora including G8 Summit, NATO, Facebook, UNEP, UNESCO, UNICEF, and World Bank.

Steve is a voice to the voiceless youth globally in policymaking as a member of World We Want 2030 Policy Strategy Group, UN Major Group Children and Youth, UNEP Tunza, UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development, Youth Commission on the Status of Women Taskforce, and more. He has moderated and drafted policy outcome documents, lobbied diplomats and businesses, and observed negotiations with many UN officials, heads of state, and industry leaders.

With only 79% of Canadian believing that the Earth is warming and only 44% adamant that it is due to human impact, Steve recently launched into his latest initiative where he will be going on 5 national tours across 400 towns in 2 years to educate and empower 1,000,000 young Canadians – that’s 3% of Canada – to solve climate change in their local communities. The result will be a nation-wide conviction that climate change is happening right now, that it is mainly caused by human activities, and that we’re the final generation with the opportunity to solve climate change. They have advisory support from Nobel Prize winners, former ministers, deans of top universities, and educators. You can learn more about the 3 percent project on:

We thought we would learn more about Steve as a person and he told us he has lived in 4 countries, travelled to over two dozen nations, reads voraciously, plays the clarinet, volunteers at a mental health rehab centre, serves on the Board of HealthOutLoud, and is a follower of Jesus. See video on Who is Steve?

Steve’s message to young people:

“Youth hold a unique key to achieving the SDGs. We revolutionize at the frontiers of every industry. That’s why the world heavily invests in us to be the next Google, Facebook, and airbnb. But when it comes to humanitarian and systemic issues like climate change, youth are often treated as passive learners, not as the innovators that we are. We are told about the apocalyptic future that we will inherit from the consequences of climate crisis and their call to action is to turn off the lights, conserve water, and study more about the issue until we grow up. We must reject this idea. We must rise to the challenge that history is uniquely presenting to our generation. We must identify, design, and locally implement globally effective solutions that actually solve the problem.”

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