Are you working with young people with disabilities?

Call for Applications:

Organisations Working with Young People with Disabilities

The Commonwealth Youth Council recognises the work that young people around the world are doing for young people with disabilities. Here is the story of Annabelle Xerri, this year’s Maltese Queen’s Young Leader :

As one of the largest and most diverse youth-led organisations in the world, the Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) is committed to engaging, involving and advocating for young people within the Commonwealth. The CYC is the recognised voice of more than 1.2 billion young people within the Commonwealth. Ultimately, the CYC is a coalition of all national youth councils and other youth-led civil society and private sector institutions in the Commonwealth. The CYC facilitates and supports the work of all youth- led initiatives. We partner with suitable stakeholders, organisations and individuals to represent and empower young people in the Commonwealth. We endeavour to share skills, ideas, resources and services with our approved members in order to provide young people with the opportunity to make a difference to their communities and society. By joining together, we have a collective, powerful voice and we can enable young people to be instrumental agents for positive change. Through its office for Inclusion and Engagement, the CYC prioritises the need for young people with disabilities in the Commonwealth to have access to equal opportunities and to ensure that their voices are represented and heard at national and international levels.  Therefore the Membership Committee of the Council invites organisations working with young people with disabilities to join the Commonwealth Youth Council and ensure that no voice is left unheard.


Applications have to meet the following criteria:

  • Organisations must be working in a Commonwealth country
  • Duly registered with an authority within a Commonwealth country unless a valid explanation for lack of registration certificate is provided.
  • Show proof of past experience about their work with young people with disabilities with at least a one page report about their activities
  • Strategic plan about their long term activities would be an added advantage.

Application Process

Applicants are requested to apply using the following form:

Application Deadline

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis but not later than 6 months prior to the Commonwealth Youth Forum. However for this group we will be carrying out the first evaluation of our work on the 31st August so it is encouraged that you apply before then.

Further Information

All applications, enquiries and requests for further information should be sent to:



21 thoughts on “Are you working with young people with disabilities?

  1. Thank you for inclusive and the gobal voice.

    Thank you .
    National Orthotic & Prosthetic Services
    Angau Memorial Hospital
    Papua New Guinea

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  2. Can two or more organisations working with youth with disabilities come together to apply? One locally registered organisation and the other with National registration.


  3. Hello,
    We are an organisation with an intervention program for pre-school going children and a skills training program for the youths with Hearing disability.
    Can we be part of your program?


  4. am leonard kazinga the executive director st.Elizabeth education foundation (seef), i started this NGO which is duly registered with an aim of providing education to the less advantaged and the most vulnerable youth especially those with disabilities. i would like to know whether we are eligible to apply.


  5. Can Saint Lucia take oart in this project? I tried clicking on the island’s name and it does not come up although it appears with other countries?


  6. We, the ADD International is a disability rights organisation which fights for independence, equality and opportunity for disabled people living in Africa and Asia. ADD International Bangladesh Country Programme, registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau of Government of Bangladesh and works alongside disabled people’s organisations and their networks run by disability activists of which 50% are youth with disabilities.

    Can we apply for CYC membership?


  7. I am Joseph Alieu Kamara founder and director of a disabled persons organization in Sierra Leone. We are only registered with the ministry of Social welfare gender and children’s Affairs and the Local council, Can we send in proposal. How can one join the membership of the cyc?


  8. Hello,
    We operate a Home for Orphans and Vulnerable children and some of them are visually impaired. Can we participate in this project?



  9. We are the organization, working with aim to support young people and students including disables persons by youth perfection training (YPT) program to lead the them towards professionalism to develop basic workplace professional and ethical skills at an initial stage of their career.
    Can we apply??


    1. Thank you for your query. In order to obtain full membership the organisation needs to be youth -led however you can apply for affiliate membership – just specify in the application form.


  10. Sir, due to short time of application submission I have already applied to the CYC – full membership on immediate basis with my best knowledge and practices regarding the youth motivation and advocating.


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