With the objective of getting greater awareness about the Commonwealth Youth Council to young people in the Commonwealth the Office for Inclusion and Engagement launched an initiative named #KnowYourCYC.

The initiative includes a presentation on the Commonwealth Youth Council as an institution and the opportunities for young people as well as the presentation of the declaration of the Commonwealth Youth Forum and the action plans that emerged. It also encourages the adoption of projects where youth in each member state can assist the CYC in its mandate to get one step closer to the world that young people in the Commonwealth want.

With having to hold such workshops it means information about young people can also reach those without internet access. This id a priority of the CYC that its reach to youth who are offline is increased.

We saw the initiative take place in :

Seychelles on two islands headed by Kurtis

India headed by Pravin

Kenya headed by Faith

Bangladesh by Imtiaz

Pakistan by Zufrulla

Following the announcement of the strategic plan a new presentation will be made available and National Youth Delegates can let us know if they will be holding such a workshop so we can keep track of the progress.

It’s a two-way street

As we are reminded that CYC is a group of National Youth Delegates and youth-led organisations and we feel it is essential that people know about you so please by the 20th of every month please send us your articles for us to feature. It can be about the work you are doing or just a thought provoking piece on any topic such as ‘If affirmative action has worked for women, should the youth advocate for the same?’

Please contact angeliquepouponneau11@gmail.com if you are interested in delivering this workshop.



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